Two sides - the practical and the creative

Because I love combining color and quilting, I created my Quilt-kerchiefs. Each one is unique and reversible. My Cleo and Mieka wear harnesses when walking so for functionality, I have added a loop for their identification tags. They now wear a Quilt-kerchief instead of a collar and we change their attire frequently. Just something a little colorful and fun to express your's or your companion's artsy side.
The evolution continues as I move into more creative pictorial quilts for the home.  I love combining the many different design element including quilting, decorative stitching, and paint.  Because I do have a love of dogs, I am fairly sure a canine will be featured in many of my future designs..

I began Vermont Countrywear when I needed a comfortable yet warm coat for a senior dog and the options were few. I began by creating quality winter apparel designing the Green Mountain Extreme, Sport and Slicker dog coats. The evolution continued when I received a request to design a Snowsuit for a small dog who needed more protection. The snowsuit was added to the Green Mountain line and the evolution continued. Detachable boots for delicate paws and a snood to cover cold ears were additional add-ons for the snowsuit. High quality materials, custom sizing, an attention to detail and my sleek design for all dog sizes made for beautiful coats that allow your companion to have freedom of movement and warmth. Due to the many measurements needed for the coats and snowsuits all of my coats need tube custom ordered.  Contact me if you are interested in a coat or snowsuit.

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